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SWCSD offers two types of membership at the same annual price: Social and Regular-Voting. All new members must start with a 4-month trial period at the Social level before applying to become a Regular-Voting member - but individuals may choose to stay a Social member indefinitely, or switch between the two membership types year-to-year!

Benefits of Membership include: advanced registration for classes, seminars, workshops, etc; access to pre-trial "Drop-In" Scent Work practice; regular newsletters; and more!

Social Member: Receive all benefits of membership except voting on internal governance; no volunteer or general meeting attendance requirements

Regular-Voting Member: Receive all benefits of membership AND ability to vote & hold office; must have completed 4-month trial period as a Social member, and volunteer at one (1) club event annually and attended one (1) general meeting annually, minimum

New Membership Form

New Membership Application Form (Coming Soon*)

*Please be patient as we get all of our systems up and running to accommodate new members! If you'd like to be notified when membership is opened, please send us an email at:

Application for Regular-Voting Membership

After you have completed a minimum of 4 months as a Social Member, and have volunteered at one (1) club event in the past year and attended one (1) general meeting in the past year, we invite you to upgrade to a Regular-Voting Membership if you so choose at no additional cost!

Regular-Voting Membership Application Form (Coming Soon*)