About the Club

The Scent Work Club of San Diego (SWCSD) was established in late 2023 by a group of Scent Work enthusiasts, who saw a need for a dedicated club in San Diego to support this exponentially growing sport, as well as the greater community of detection dogs, their handlers, and the public that they serve through their work. We welcome all experience levels, as we hope to shape SWCSD into a hub for learning about and participating in Scent Work at ALL levels!

SWCSD further educates members of the public in positive training techniques, public safety, and responsible dog ownership through seminars, classes, and amateur sports competitions that are open to the general public. Through education, volunteerism, and collaboration with other professional and volunteer nonprofit canine organizations, we benefit the public good by providing the foundational skills necessary for those wishing to pursue advanced canine scent work in the real world, including, but not limited to, Detection K9s, Search and Rescue, Tracking, and Odor Detection.

The objectives of SWCSD are:

  • To conduct scent work classes, workshops, seminars, matches, trials and/or tests, and any other events for which the Club is eligible under the Rules and regulations of The American Kennel Club, open to purebred and mixed breed dogs.  
  • To improve public knowledge of evolving science-based, positive training philosophies, to encourage least intrusive and minimally aversive dog training techniques and to promote responsible dog ownership by providing training, competitions, trials, seminars and demonstrations open to the general public, furthering the value of positive dog training to the greater community.
  • To provide a safe, friendly and inclusive environment that will allow handlers and dogs the opportunity to improve training techniques and teamwork, encourage the training of judges, provide support and a sense of community between members and to share information and education about the dog sport of Scent Work and other performance sports.
  • To support the welfare of dogs by collaborating with canine organizations that benefit the public good.

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Code of Conduct

SWCSD Code of Conduct.pdf